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August 3, 2012


Kofi Annan quits over Syria impasse: this time we're all at fault

Kofi Annan quits over Syria impasse: this time we're all at fault

"What this conflict needs is less Olympic-style partisanship and more respect and rationality behind a new UN mediator – as well as compassion for those at risk on both sides in SyriaKofi Annan's resignation as the UN's envoy to war-torn Syria didn't get as much attention in some of our more..."

William Hague: UK to step up help for Syrian rebels

UN to end its observer mission in Syria this month, says envoy

Steve Bell on David Cameron's diplomatic tussle with Vladimir Putin – cartoon

Letters: Time to end sabre-rattling and covert support in the Middle East


UN to vote on Syria resolution

"The UN General Assembly is preparing to denounce Syria for unleashing tanks, artillery, helicopters and warplanes on the people of Aleppo and Damascus, and demand that the Assad regime keep its chemical and biological weapons warehoused and under strict control. Related StoriesKofi Annan to..."

21 reported dead in Syria attack

Kofi Annan washes hands of Syria 'mission impossible'

Annan washes hands of Syria 'mission impossible'


Fierce Fighting Continues In Syria As U.N. General Assembly Prepares To Vote

U.S. Sees Signs Of Al-Qaida Arm In Syria

"The growing sectarian nature of the battle in Syria has turned out to be tailor made for followers of al-Qaida in Iraq. A top U.S. counterterrorism official says the group's possible move into Syria is no surprise as it gravitates toward chaos.» E-Mail This     »..."

As Kofi Annan Steps Down, What's In Store For Syria?

Annan To Step Down As U.N.'s Envoy To Syria

Fighting Rages On In Syria's Commercial Capital

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The war for Syria: Jihadists on the way

"FROM a bare house in the small Turkish town of Reyhanli, half an hour’s drive from the border with Syria, a bearded 30-year-old with glasses claims to command a fighting force of 1,820 men who have infiltrated north-western Syria. His group, which goes by the name “Strangers for a Greater..."

The Kurds: Hedging their Syrian bets

voice of america

For Refugees Who Flee Aleppo, Turkish Camps Await

For Refugees Who Flee Aleppo, Turkish Camps Await

"CEYLANPINAR, Turkey — As fighting intensifies between government and rebel forces in the Syrian city of Aleppo, the United Nations says hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes.  On the Turkish border, some 50 kilometers from Aleppo, authorities are bracing for an influx of..."

UN General Assembly to Vote on Syria Resolution

UN: Main Battle in Aleppo About to Start in Syria

Annan Quits As Syrian Envoy Over Disunity, Fighting

White House Dismisses Reports of Aid to Syrian Rebels


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new: Kurdish rebels step up attacks in Turkey

"ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's state-run television says Kurdish rebels have killed one soldier and wounded 10 others in an attack in the country's southeast. TRT says on Friday that the rebels attacked a military outpost near the town of Eruh in Sirt province as the soldiers were breaking..."

new: Blame game after Annan quits as Syria envoy

Annan quits as international Syria mediator: U.N.

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new: UN refugee chief fears mass exodus from Syria - AFP

"AFPUN refugee chief fears mass exodus from SyriaAFPGENEVA — Stepped up fighting in Syria could create a "gigantic outflow" of people on a previously unseen scale, the UN's refugee commissioner said on Friday. "We all have seen crises of this nature in different parts of..."

new: Russia's navy values the Syrian port of Tartus as a Mediterranean asset - BBC News

Cameron tackles Putin on Syria in judo diplomacy - Kyiv Post

Kurds seek separatist state between Syria and Turkey - Buenos Aires Herald

Report: Syria moves missiles to Lebanese border - Ynetnews

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Rebels Get Missiles; Kurds; Aleppo; Opposition Divided; al-Qaida

"Aleppo continues to be the focus of rebel strategy. Watch this AP video Ghufran writes: SNC is refusing to participate in Haytham al-Maleh’s conference in Cairo. Al-Maleh said, “I have been tasked with leading a transitional government,” Maleh said, adding that he will begin consultations..."

فرانس 24

جديد: تظاهرات في حلب تطالب "باعدام بشار" الاسد

تظاهرات في حلب تطالب

"حلب (سوريا) (ا ف ب) - خرجت الجمعة في مدينة حلب، التي تشهد منذ اسبوعين معارك وهجمات متبادلة بين القوات النظامية ومقاتلين معارضين، تظاهرات حاشدة طالبت باسقاط النظام و"اعدام" الرئيس بشار الاسد، بحسب ما افاد صحافي في وكالة فرانس برس والمرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان.وقال الصحافي ان مئات المتظاهرين خرجوا في حي الشعار في شرق المدينة (شمال)..."

جديد: موسكو تدعو الى ايجاد بديل لأنان "سريعا"


مذكرة سرية لأوباما بدعم المعارضة السورية وموافقته على مساعدات انسانية إضافية

بانيتا وعبدالله الثاني أبرزا الحاجة إلى ضغوط دولية قوية لرحيل الأسد

أنان استقال بسبب عدم "تلقيه الدعم" لتنفيذ خطته وبان يبحث عن خَلَف له المعارضة قصفت مطاراً قرب حلب ودمشق تتهم أنقرة بفتح قواعدها أمام الجهاديين

داود أوغلو والبارزاني لسوريا "جديدة" خالية من المتشدّدين المسؤول التركي يثير أزمة جديدة مع بغداد بزيارة مفاجئة لكركوك

فرنسا قلقة من إعدامات تنسب إلى المعارضة السورية


جديد: روسيا تنفي إرسال سفن حربية محملة بالجنود إلى سوريا - بي بي سي العربية

"روسيا اليومروسيا تنفي إرسال سفن حربية محملة بالجنود إلى سوريابي بي سي العربيةنفت وزارة الدفاع الروسية عزمها إرسال ثلاث سفن حربية تحمل مئات الجنود إلى ميناء طرطوس السوري خلال الأيام المقبلة. وألمحت الوزارة إلى أن هذه السفن قد ترسو على ميناء طرطوس لأغراض لوجستية. وكانت وكالة انترفاكس للأنباء قد نقلت عن مصادر بهيئة الأركان العامة..."

جديد: انشقاق العميد طلاس ومدير كلية الدفاع فى سوريا - اليوم السابع

جديد: إدانة فلسطينية لمجزرة اليرموك بسوريا - الجزيرة