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July 29, 2012


Defence secretary Panetta meets with Middle Eastern leaders in five-day trip

Defence secretary Panetta meets with Middle Eastern leaders in five-day trip

"Visit to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia comes on the heels of Mitt Romney's trip to Israel and during increasing strife in SyriaDefence secretary Leon Panetta embarked on a five-day trip to the Middle East on Sunday during which he is expected to meet the new leaders of Tunisia and Egypt..."

Aleppo battle rages in Syria - video


Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to meet Israeli leaders

"Mitt Romney's support for Israel will likely earn the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee a warm welcome from Israeli leaders when he meets with them today - and a frosty reception from Palestinians, who fear he would do little to advance their stalled statehood dreams. Related..."

Robert Fisk: Syrian war of lies and hypocrisy

'They fear the regime will take revenge,' say Syrian opposition activist

Assad's tanks roll in as Russians warn of tragedy

voice of america

Battle Rages in Syria's Aleppo

Battle Rages in Syria's Aleppo

"Syrian government forces are reported using tanks and artillery against rebels in the major city of Aleppo, a day after the rebels held off a government offensive.   The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says intense fighting is taking place Sunday in southwestern districts..."


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new: UN faces major obstacles if Assad falls from power

"UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Senior officials looking into the role the U.N. could play in Syria if Bashar Assad falls from power face major obstacles, including a bitter division among world powers and the absence of an opposition leader. A team of senior U.N. officials led by Deputy Secretary-General..."

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new: Jordan opens Syria refugee tent camp - News24

"Business RecorderJordan opens Syria refugee tent campNews24Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh called the ongoing bloodshed in neighbouring Syria "a serious predicament," adding that his country was committed to helping the victims despite its meagre resources. Syrian tragedy...."

Italian engineers held captive in Syria return home - Vancouver Sun

Report: Syria FM arrives in Iran as fighting continues in Aleppo - Haaretz

Panetta heads to Mideast; Syria high on the agenda - Sacramento Bee

Pope Benedict XVI renews call for end to violence in Syria - Vancouver Sun

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Kurds; SNC Criticized; Tlas; Aleppo

"The criticism of Manaf Tlass by both the opposition and regime supporters raises a few important features of this revolution. The opposition have criticized every leader that has emerged without giving them even a moment’s honey moon period. This is most true of their own leaders such..."

robert fisk

Robert Fisk: Syrian war of lies and hypocrisy

"Has there ever been a Middle Eastern war of such hypocrisy? A war of such cowardice and such mean morality, of such false rhetoric and such public humiliation? I'm not talking about the physical victims of the Syrian tragedy. I'm referring to the utter lies and mendacity of our masters and..."

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جديد: 12 الف سوري لجأوا منذ شهر الى الجزائر

12 الف سوري لجأوا منذ شهر الى الجزائر

"الجزائر (ا ف ب) - لجأ اكثر من 12 الف سوري فروا من اعمال العنف في بلادهم، الى الجزائر منذ شهر بحسب مصدر قريب من وزارة الداخلية.وقال المصدر ان السلطات قررت "الاهتمام بالسوريين الذين لجأوا الى الجزائر ويقدر عددهم رسميا ب12 الفا".ويعود ذلك الى اتفاق ثنائي جزائري-سوري يسهل تنقل السوريين من والى الجزائر دون فرض تأشيرة دخول بين البلدين.وتدرس..."

وصول الايطاليان اللذين خطفا في سوريا الى روما


جديد: وزراء خارجية مصر وتونس وليبيا يصدرون "إعلان القاهرة" - اتحاد الإذاعة والتلفزيون المصرى

"شبكة رصد الإخباريةوزراء خارجية مصر وتونس وليبيا يصدرون "إعلان القاهرة"اتحاد الإذاعة والتلفزيون المصرىأصدر كل من محمد كامل عمرو، وزير الخارجية المصري، والدكتور رفيق عبد السلام وزير الشئون الخارجية التونسي، وعاشور بن خيال وزير الخارجية والتعاون الدولي الليبي ما يسمى ب" إعلان القاهرة" والذي جاء تأسيساً على البيان..."

جديد: الأردن يفتتح أول مخيم للاجئين السوريين - الجزيرة

جديد: المعارضة تدعو إلى جلسة طارئة لمجلس الأمن - القبس

وزير الخارجية السوري: سوريا ستنتصر على المؤامرة ضدها - رويترز العربية

الجيش السوري الحر يعلن وقف هجوم القوات النظامية في حلب وقتلى السبت 145 - AFP