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July 23, 2012


Assad offered 'safe exit' by Arab League

Assad offered 'safe exit' by Arab League

"Secretary general also promises $100m to help Syrian refugees as fierce fighting continues in Damascus and AleppoThe Arab League's secretary general has offered the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, a "safe exit" for him and his family if he steps down.Nabil Elaraby gave no further details..."

Assad's weapons could fall into Hezbollah's hands, Netanyahu warns

The Fear of Breathing – review


new: EU agrees new Syria sanctions

"The European Union today agreed new sanctions to target senior members of the Syrian regime, in the latest effort to step up pressure on president Bashar Assad to stop killing his own people. Related StoriesJuly set to be deadliest month yetCopycat fears as second veteran self-immolates69 people..."

Arab League offer Assad a 'safe exit' from Syria if he steps down

82 people killed in Iraq on deadliest day of the year so far

Robert Fisk: If Alawites are turning against Assad then his fate is sealed

69 people killed in wave of explosions across Iraq


In 'Free' Syrian Village, A Plea For U.S. Help

"While the Syrian government still has the upper hand in the country's largest cities, the rebels hold large swaths of territory in rural areas. NPR's Kelly McEvers recently returned from a week with the rebels inside Syria. Her first stop: a rebel way-station not far from the border with Turkey.»..."

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EU Tightening Syria Arms Embargo

EU Tightening Syria Arms Embargo

"European Union foreign ministers are meeting Monday to discuss the situation in Syria, including strengthening an arms embargo meant to keep weapons out of the country. The ministers are expected to endorse a plan to inspect all suspicious air and sea cargo headed for Syria.  The inspections..."

Turkish Forces Put Down Riots in Two Syrian Refugee Camps

Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Deal with Syrian Chemical Weapons


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new: No Al-Qaeda elements in the FSA - Al-Kurdi

"Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat - Colonel Malik al-Kurdi, the Free Syrian Army's [FSA] deputy commander, has denied that fighters at the Bab al-Hawa crossing point between Syria and Turkey were members of the Al-Qaeda organization, calling the claims, “totally baseless". This denial coincided yesterday..."

Islamic Jihad leadership relocates to Iran

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new: Fate of Syrian weapons cache gets on Israel's nerves - Middle East Online

"Middle East OnlineFate of Syrian weapons cache gets on Israel's nervesMiddle East OnlineIsrael says Syria has the biggest chemical weapons stockpile in the world and Israel has repeatedly warned about the dangers of such materials, and other advanced weaponry such as anti-aircraft systems..."

new: William Hague: Syrian chemical weapons threat 'unacceptable' -

new: Israel: Syria collapse has been discussed with US - The Associated Press

EU tightens arms embargo on Syria; calls states to board ships, planes with ... - Montreal Gazette

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Aleppo Fighting Spreads; Iraq Arms Kurds

"Syria rebels’ gains in Damascus surprise even them – LA Times Violence in the Midan neighborhood of Damascus, Syria: Syrian soldiers stand next to burned cars during a government-organized tour Friday after the army regained control of the Midan neighborhood of Damascus, the Syrian..."

Five Reasons Why There Will Not Be an Alawite State

robert fisk

Robert Fisk: If Alawites are turning against Assad then his fate is sealed

"'Her husband's to Aleppo gone, master o' th' Tiger," Macbeth's First Witch announces, but Shakespeare got his geography a bit wrong. Aleppo is 70 miles from the Mediterranean. It's certainly ancient; Aleppo was mentioned in the cuneiform tablets of Ebla in the third millennium BC and belonged..."

Robert Fisk: Sectarianism bites into Syria's rebels

فرانس 24

الامن يفرق صدامات بين اردنيين ولاجئين سوريين قرب الحدود

الامن يفرق صدامات بين اردنيين ولاجئين سوريين قرب الحدود

"عمان (ا ف ب) - فرقت قوات الدرك الاردني بالغاز المسيل للدموع الاثنين صدامات بين اردنيين ولاجئين سوريين في مدينة الرمثا الحدودية، فيما استمر تدفق اللاجئين السوريين الى المملكة.وقال فتحي البشابشة احد مالكي سكن البشابشة الذي يأوي اكثر من الف لاجىء سوري في مدينة الرمثا (95 شمال عمان)، لوكالة فرانس برس ان "قوات الدرك فرقت بالغاز المسيل..."


جديد: "أ.ف.ب." عن مصدر دبلوماسي: تركيا تستدعي قنصلها في حلب للتشاور - لبنان الآن

"Ghorba News"أ.ف.ب." عن مصدر دبلوماسي: تركيا تستدعي قنصلها في حلب للتشاورلبنان الآن‎نقلت وكالة "فرانس برس" عن مصدر دبلوماسي تركي قوله إنّ تركيا استدعت اليوم (الاثنين) قنصلها في مدينة حلب عدنان كتشيجي للتشاور. وأوضح المصدر أنّ كتشيجي "عاد إلى أنقرة اليوم للتباحث حول الوضع في سوريا، وأنّه سيعود لاحقاً إلى حلب في موعد لم يحدد..."

جديد: دمشق ترفض تنحي الأسد مقابل الأمان - الجزيرة

صبحي حديدي

"الهبوط السلس".. في حمام الدم!

"في يومية The National الإماراتية، تنتاب فيري بيدرمان مشاعر نوستالجية، فيحنّ إلى تفاصيل رومانتيكية سبق له أن عاشها شخصياً في العاصمة السورية دمشق: مقهى النوفرة، على سبيل المثال، حيث "كان بمقدور السياح (وكذلك الصحافيين الباحثين عن موضوع غرائبي خلاب)"، أن يقصدوا المقهى الشعبي الشهير، في قلب دمشق القديمة، للاستماع إلى الحكواتي وهو يستجمع..."