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July 18, 2012


new: Dawoud Rajha, Syrian defence minister – profile

Dawoud Rajha, Syrian defence minister – profile

"The minister's Christianity helped the regime's multi-ethnic image, but he was not as powerful as his job title suggestedDawoud Rajha, who has been killed in a bomb attack in Damascus, had the top job in the Syrian defence ministry but that did not mean he was the most powerful security official...."

new: Leading Syrian regime figures killed in Damascus bomb attack

Two Iraqi journalists killed in Syria

Viktor Bout associates exploited flaws in international law, UN study finds


new: Brother-in-law of Syrian President killed in bomb blast as rebels close in on Assad regime

"The brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been has been killed in a bomb blast in Damascus, the country’s state television confirmed today.Related StoriesTalks falter in Moscow as gun battles spread across DamascusCentrists abandon Benjamin Netanyahu to leave Israeli government..."

new: William Hague condemns Syria bombing

Damascus 'hit by suicide bomb attack'

Disney heiress Abigail disowns her share of family profits in West Bank company

Centrists abandon Benjamin Netanyahu to leave Israeli government in limbo

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new: Palestinians join Syria revolt: activists, FSA

Palestinians join Syria revolt: activists, FSA

"A number of Palestinian refugees living in Damascus have joined the uprising in Syria, according to activists and rebels, with some taking up arms alongside rebel Free Syrian Army fighters.The majority of at least 500,000 Palestinians in Syria have been living in the country since the 1948..."

SYRIA: Diplomatic scrambling ahead of UN vote on Syria


Architect Of Crackdown In Syria And Defense Minister Killed In Bombing

Reports: Syrian Defense Minister Killed In Blast

"State-run TV says a suicide attacker struck the National Security building in Damascus during a meeting of Cabinet ministers and senior security officials. Defense Minister Dawoud Rajha, 65, a former army general, was the most senior Christian government official in Syria.» E-Mail This    ..."

Violence Between Rebels And Military Grows In Syria

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new: Live: Blast Strikes at Assad's Inner Circle

Live: Blast Strikes at Assad's Inner Circle

"Just walked around national security building and saw no sign of explosions, no broken window, no heavy security presence #Damascus #Syria — Lina Sinjab (@BBCLinaSinjab) July 18, 2012 14:34 UTC: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan , at a news conference in Moscow with Russian president,..."

Damascus Blast Claims Three of Assad's Top Aides

Turkey PM Heads to Russia to Talk About Syria

Annan Finds Mild Response in Russia on Syria


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new: Battles break out near Syrian presidential palace

"AMMAN, (Reuters) - The revolt against President Bashar al-Assad came within sight of his presidential palace on Wednesday as fighting erupted in major Damascus neighbourhoods for a fourth day. An army barracks near the "palace of the people", a huge Soviet style complex overlooking the sprawling..."

UN urges China to help end Syrian violence

Soldiers arrested while escorting asylum seekers

"Several Indonesian military officers have been arrested after being caught escorting 41 asylum seekers to the south-west Java coast.A senior police intelligence source has told the ABC that five military officers, in uniform but believed to be unarmed, were guiding a convoy of asylum seekers..."

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new: Panetta: Syria violence 'spinning out of control;' peaceful transition from ... - Vancouver Sun

"Al-ArabiyaPanetta: Syria violence 'spinning out of control;' peaceful transition from ...Vancouver SunWASHINGTON - The bombing in Damascus that killed two top Syrian defence officials is evidence that violence.West Worries Syria Violence 'Out of Control'Wall Street JournalSyria's..."

new: Bombing at Syria's defense ministry - Washington Post

new: Brent oil gains on Syria, Iran tension - Reuters

Fighting spikes in Damascus ahead of UN vote on Syria - Globe and Mail

Thousands converging on Syrian capital in effort to 'liberate Damascus': rebel ... - National Post

Israel Says Syria Pulls Troops from Golan to Suppress Revolt Elsewhere - New York Times

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جديد: سفينة الشحن الروسية التي تنقل مروحيات سورية دخلت ميناء بلطييسك

سفينة الشحن الروسية التي تنقل مروحيات سورية دخلت ميناء بلطييسك

"موسكو (ا ف ب) - افادت وكالة انترفاكس الروسية ان سفينة الشحن الروسية ألايد التي تنقل مروحيات ام اي 25 لاعادتها الى سوريا بعد صيانتها في روسيا، دخلت الاربعاء الى ميناء بلطييسك في جيب كالينينغراد الروسي الى شرق بولندا.وفي هذا الميناء الواقع على بحر البلطيق تم تحميل السفينة قبل ان تضطر للعودة ادراجها في حزيران/يونيو الى المياه الاقليمية..."

جديد: لافروف يؤكد رفض مشروع القرار الغربي حول سوريا في مجلس الامن


جديد: مقتل صهر الرئيس السوري آصف شوكت في انفجار دمشق - AFP

"AFPمقتل صهر الرئيس السوري آصف شوكت في انفجار دمشقAFPدمشق (ا ف ب) - قتل صهر الرئيس السوري آصف شوكت في التفجير الانتحاري الذي استهدف الاربعاء مبنى الامن القومي في وسط دمشق. ويشغل شوكت كذلك منصب نائب وزير الدفاع وهو من ابرز المسؤولين الامنيين في البلاد. واورد التلفزيون السوري في شريط اخباري "استشهاد العماد آصف شوكت نائب وزير الدفاع..."

جديد: السفينة الروسية الحاملة للمروحيات السورية تدخل ميناء بلطييسك - اليوم السابع

جديد: الجيش السوري الحر يتبنى الانفجار في مبنى الامن القومي في دمشق - القبس

صبحي حديدي

الدماء تدق النوافذ

"شهد العام 1979 ذروة غير مسبوقة في الصراع المسلح بين النظام السوري والأجنحة العسكرية لجماعة الإخوان المسلمين، ممّا أجبر مؤسسات السلطة على محاولة رأب الصدع مع المجتمع، من خلال سلسلة لقاءات وحوارات، بدأها حافظ الأسد نفسه (إذْ ألقى خطابات فاقت، في العدد والمُدد الزمنية الماراثونية، كلّ ما ألقاه منذ تولى السلطة، خريف 1970). هكذا فعلت..."