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July 14, 2012


UN officials head for Tremseh to investigate reports of massacre

UN officials head for Tremseh to investigate reports of massacre

"Convoy leaves Damascus after head of UN monitoring mission said helicopters and tanks were used to attack townUnited Nations officials have set off to the Syrian town of Tremseh to investigate reports of a massacre of civilians by Syrian troops and pro-government militia.A three-car convoy..."

The struggle against the toxic politics of casualty numbers in Syria | Hana Salama

Messages from the Syrian war zone: what life is really like in Homs

Clinton outraged as evidence emerges of brutal massacre by Assad regime


Iran issues new oil blockade warning

"Iran could prevent even “a single drop of oil” passing through the Strait of Hormuz if its security is threatened, a naval chief said today, as tensions simmer over Tehran's nuclear programme. Related StoriesUS: Syria moving its chemical weaponsTerrified villagers tell of the horror of..."

Suicide bomb kills four in Syrian town of Muhrada

Terrified villagers tell of the horror of Tremseh

US: Syria moving its chemical weapons

Islamists boycott election in Jordan

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new: Defected Syrian envoy lashes out at Assad

Defected Syrian envoy lashes out at Assad

"Nawaf Fares, who this week defected as Syria's ambassador to Iraq, on Saturday accused President Bashar al-Assad of allowing Al-Qaeda to use Syria as a springboard for attacks in his former host country.Fares, the latest high-level official to abandon Assad, in an interview on Al-Jazeera television..."

SYRIA: UN observers visit site of Treimsa massacre

Iraq PM condemns Treimsa 'massacre'

voice of america

UN Probes Mass Killings in Syrian Village

UN Probes Mass Killings in Syrian Village

"U.N. observers in Syria have visited the central village of Tremseh, where opposition activists say more than 150 people were killed in an attack on Thursday. U.N. officials say an 11-vehicle team entered the Sunni farming village in Hama province on Saturday to gather information about the..."


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new: U.N. observer patrol arrives at Syria massacre site

"BEIRUT, (Reuters) - U.N. observers entered the central Syrian village of Tremseh on Saturday, two days after activists said about 220 people had been killed there by helicopter gunships and militiamen, prompting international outrage. The United States has branded Syria's leaders murderers..."

new: 45 officers of Tlass family defect from regime – Businessman Firas Tlass

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new: Defected Syrian envoy lashes out at Assad

Defected Syrian envoy lashes out at Assad

new: UN team investigates reported Syria massacre

"U.N. observers investigated the latest reported massacre in Syria, entering a village Saturday where activists say regime forces killed dozens of people the past week, as Turkey's prime minister blasted Damascus' leadership, warning that the Syrian people will "make them pay"..."

new: UN observers investigate reported Syria massacre

Troops storm Syria town as observers visit Treimsa

UN observers visit site of Syria mass killings

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new: UN observer patrol arrives at Syria massacre site - The Daily Star

"The Daily StarUN observer patrol arrives at Syria massacre siteThe Daily StarLebanon News :: Middle East News :: The Daily Star The Leading English Language Newspaper in Lebanon and the Middle-East.Still Time to Avoid Civil War in Syria – HollandeRIA NovostiStill time to avoid civil war in..."

new: Assad's forces 'shot anything moving' - The Guardian

new: Exclusive: Syria now an "internal armed conflict" - Red Cross - Reuters Canada

Kofi Annan's diplomatic failures doom Syria's rebels - Toronto Sun

Suicide truck bomber kills 4 in Syria - CP24, Canada

SYRIA: Criminal Propagandists: Killing Civilians as Part of a "Humanitarian ... - Center for Research on Globalization

Canada's ambassador expects China to change Syria stance -

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Tremseh: A Massacre or a Fight? Annan’s New Plan: For and Against

"What happened in Treimseh and just how many have been killed there remains the subject of heated debate. Opposition forces are reporting up to 250 massacred. Others claim that this is propaganda designed to influence the Security Council vote on Syria coming up. Moon Over Alabama blog, headlines: ..."

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Robert Fisk: Beirut's banks – and a money trail from Syria to Iran…

"Syria strikes again. After weeks of shelling across the Lebanese border, the inevitable has happened. An anti-Iranian activist group, along with a host of "informed sources" in a Wall Street Journal report, is claiming that Beirut's wealthy banks have become a sovereign money-laundering jurisdiction..."

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جديد: اردوجان يصف ما حصل في التريمسة السورية ب"المذبحة"

اردوجان يصف ما حصل في التريمسة السورية ب

"انقرة (ا ف ب) - وصف رئيس الوزراء التركي رجب طيب اردوغان السبت ما حصل في بلدة التريمسة في سوريا ب"المذبحة اللا انسانية"، مشددا على ان النظام السوري سينهار "عاجلا ام آجلا".وقال اردوغان في كلمة امام هيئات حزبه، العدالة والتنمية (المنبثق عن التيار الاسلامي)، في كوجيلي (شمال غرب) "لم يعد هناك شيء يقال بشأن سوريا. هذه المذبحة اللاانسانية..."


جديد: كلينتون تتعهد بدعم التحول الديمقراطي في مصر .. - وكالة أنباء الإمارات

"صحيفة المشهدكلينتون تتعهد بدعم التحول الديمقراطي في مصر ..وكالة أنباء الإماراتالقاهرة في 14 يوليو /وام / التقى الرئيس المصري الدكتور محمد مرسي مساء اليوم بالقاهرة مع وزيرة الخارجية الامريكية هيلاري كلينتون . وجرى خلال اللقاء بحث سبل تعزيز العلاقات الثنائية بين البلدين ومرحلة التحول الديمقراطي التي تمر بها مصر وبلدان المنطقة..."

تنديد دولي بمجزرة التريمسة ودعوات لتحرك مجلس الأمن - العربية نت

صبحي حديدي

الفرار من سفينة النظام الغارقة: آل طلاس نموذجاً

"سوف تبدأ هذه السطور من فرضية سجالية ـ قد يجدها البعض صادمة، أو قد تخدش "الحياء الوطني" لدى البعض الآخر، أو قد تجدها جماعة ثالثة أقرب إلى مسلّمة واقعية وجلية لم تعد بحاجة إلى برهان ـ مفادها التالي: لا يتوفر اليوم، أو لم يعد يتوفر، ضابط واحد كبير في الجيش السوري، يمتلك صلاحيات تنفيذية ملموسة تليق برتبته العسكرية (بافتراض أنه لواء،..."