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July 6, 2012


new: London 2012: one minute to remember 11 Munich athletes - too much to ask? | Jennifer Lipman

London 2012: one minute to remember 11 Munich athletes - too much to ask? | Jennifer Lipman

"The IOC's refusal to hold a minute's silence for the Israeli athletes killed at the '72 Games is against the Olympic spiritSeriously, in between all the running, jumping, swimming and sprinting, the Olympic organisers can't spare one measly minute to remember 11 men murdered for daring to compete..."

Top Syrian general 'defects to Turkey'

Fadhil al-Qudsi obituary


Top Syrian general defects 

"The defection of a member of the Syrian president's inner circle has dealt a blow to Bashar Assad just as the United States and its European partners are threatening new sanctions and the opposition is urging military intervention.Related Stories'Unprecedented' violence in SyriaWikiLeaks starts..."

Wikileaks is back – without Assange, but with a cache of Syrian emails

WikiLeaks is back – without Assange, but with a cache of Syrian emails

Switzerland suspends all arms exports to the United Arab Emirates

Britain pledges £9m more aid for Syria victims

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new: SYRIA: Top Syrian general 'defects'

SYRIA: Top Syrian general 'defects'

new: SYRIA-PARIS: 'Friends of Syria' push for tougher sanctions

Lebanon MP escapes assassination bid: official

"A Lebanese MP and core member of the country's anti-Syrian opposition escaped an assassination bid on Thursday morning, a high-ranking security official told AFP."Our evidence shows that the operation was serious," the official said, describing the failed bid to murder MP Boutros Harb as "part..."

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new: Senior Syrian military officer defects

"ANTAKYA, Turkey — A powerful military officer and longtime close associate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has defected to the opposition and was on his way to Paris, where foreign ministers from Friends of Syria countries are meeting, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius confirmed..."

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The crisis in Syria: The tide begins to turn

"SIXTEEN months into an uprising that has now left more than 15,000 Syrians dead, the diplomatic and military pace of the conflict has become a lot hotter. On all fronts President Bashar Assad is losing ground. No one knows when a tipping point may occur. But even his dwindling band of friends..."


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new: Defections from al-Assad regime on the rise

"London, Asharq Al-Awsat – Speaking exclusively to Asharq Al-Awsat, General Fayez Amro of the Free Syrian Army [FSA], stressed that increasingly senior officers are defecting from the al-Assad regime forces, revealing that there are 15 defected generals present in Syria, 4 in Jordan and an..."

new: Lebanese gunmen block roads to protest court ruling

new: Diplomats press Assad, top Syrian general defects

Iraq says al Qaeda members crossing into Syria

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new: 'Top Syrian defector' Manaf Tlas heads for Paris - BBC News

"Globe and Mail'Top Syrian defector' Manaf Tlas heads for ParisBBC NewsManaf Tlas, a general from a family close to Syria's President Assad, has defected and is on his way to Paris, France's foreign minister says.General defects from Assad's SyriaVancouver SunGeneral's..."

new: Turkey pays tribute to pilots shot down by Syria - The Daily Star

Al-Qaeda fighters streaming to Syria: Iraq - National Post

Russia balks while Syria burns - Youngstown Vindicator

French FM: Friends of Syria Talks to Bring Practical Support to Syrian People - Voice of America (blog)

Clinton off to France for Syria meeting, then to Asia and Mideast to deal with ... - Montreal Gazette

Hillel Neuer: Syria is heading for a seat on UN Human Rights Council - National Post

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Regime’s Top Sunni Defects – General Manaf Mustafa Tlass Flees to Turkey

"General Manaf Tlass, One of Syria’s top Sunni Military Figures from the Inner-circle of Bashar al-Assad, has Defected. Bashar al-Assad and Manaf Tlass, sons of the President and Defense Minister, attending military training in the 1990s Addendum: My sources in Damascus say that Manaf’s..."

News Round Up (3 July 2012)


جديد: "عمرو": مصر حريصة على الدفع باتجاه المصالحة الفلسطينية - اليوم السابع

"اليوم السابع"عمرو": مصر حريصة على الدفع باتجاه المصالحة الفلسطينيةاليوم السابعأكد محمد كامل عمرو، وزير الخارجية، إن مصر حريصة على أن تدفع باتجاه المصالحة التى تعيد لم الشمل الفلسطينى، مما يعطى الأولوية لتحقيق سلام عادل ودائم، ولإقامة الدولة الفلسطينية المستقلة، وذلك خلال لقائه الرئيس الفلسطينى محمود عباس مساء أمس الخميس،..."

جديد: فرنسا تؤكد: العميد السوري طلاس في طريقه لباريس - رويترز العربية

جديد: هولاند يؤكد على ضرورة رحيل الأسد والإسراع في عملية الانتقال السياسي - الشروق

صبحي حديدي

جديد: اغتيال عرفات: تعدّد القتلة قبل أن تتعدد السموم

"لعلها مصادفة فلسطينية بامتياز، بالمعنى الكلاسيكي الذي يتيح امتزاج المهزلة بالمأساة، أن تتكشف معلومات جديدة حول ألغاز وفاة القائد الفلسطيني ياسر عرفات (1929 ـ 2004)، مسموماً بمادّة البولونيوم هذه المرّة؛ وأن يعلن "قائد" فلسطيني آخر، هو أحمد جبريل، وقوفه التامّ (وكأنه يستطيع تنفيذ نصف وقفة مثلاً!) مع النظام السوري، لأنّ "ما يدور في..."