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July 1, 2012


new: Kofi Annan and Hillary Clinton endorse transitional Syrian government – video

Bashar al-Assad's fate left open after Syria crisis talks

Bashar al-Assad's fate left open after Syria crisis talks

"Representatives agree that transitional government should be set up, but role Syrian president might play left openA UN crisis meeting in Geneva on the escalating conflict in Syria has agreed the terms for a transitional government to oversee the end of violence in the country.A communique..."


Annan in last-ditch attempt to rescue Syria peace talks

"International powers agreed yesterday that a transitional government should be set up in Syria to end the bloodshed there, but they left open the question of what part President Bashar al-Assad might play in the process.Related StoriesPalestinians anger Israel over Unesco role in BethlehemDiplomats..."

Mood pessimistic on Syria peace plans

UN plan for Syria now vital, says Hague


new: Clinton: 'Everyone' Is Worried About Syria

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is back in Washington after a long day of negotiating over Syria Saturday. The watered-down agreement was quickly dismissed by the Syrian rebels. NPR's Michele Kelemen spoke with Clinton before she boarded her flight home.» E-Mail This    ..."

World Powers Agree On Peace Plan For Syria

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World Powers Agree on Syria Transition

World Powers Agree on Syria Transition

"GENEVA – The United States, Russia and other world leaders have agreed on a plan for a transitional government of national unity in Syria that they hope will pave the way for an end to the violence that has killed more than 15,000 people during the 16-month uprising.  The plan, drafted by..."


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Russia and West tussle at Syria peace talks

"GENEVA, (Reuters) - Russia and Western powers locked horns over a peace plan for Syria on Saturday as U.N. mediator Kofi Annan warned the conflict could spread across the Middle East and beyond. Foreign ministers and international diplomats were meeting in Geneva with governments still in dispute..."

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new: Turkey scrambles jets on Syria border - BBC News

"BBC NewsTurkey scrambles jets on Syria borderBBC NewsTurkey scrambles six fighters after Syrian helicopters fly near the border, the army says, further raising tensions after a Turkish jet was downed last month.Russian specialists involved in Syria intercepting Turkish jet, sources sayHaaretzTensions..."

Clinton: World may not succeed in Syria - CNN

In Syria, at least 85 killed by car bombing at funeral - Los Angeles Times

Assad's fate unclear in world powers' Syria plan - Chicago Tribune

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new: What Came out of the UN Conference on Syria?

"What Came out of the UN Conference on Syria? by Joshua Landis for Syria Comment, July 1, 2012 The operative sentence by Clinton is: it is now “incumbent on Russia and China to show Assad the writing on the wall and help force his departure.” This plan for a “transition government”..."

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Robert Fisk: Western agreement 'could leave Syria in Assad's hands for two more years'

"President Bashar al-Assad of Syria may last far longer than his opponents believe – and with the tacit acceptance of Western leaders anxious to secure new oil routes to Europe via Syria before the fall of the regime. According to a source intimately involved in the possible transition from..."

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جديد: 21 قتيلا في اعمال عنف في سوريا الاحد

21 قتيلا في اعمال عنف في سوريا الاحد

"بيروت (ا ف ب) - قتل 21 شخصا الاحد في اعمال عنف ومواجهات واشتباكات في مناطق سورية عدة، وفق حصيلة ادلى بها المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان.وقال المرصد في بيان انه "في محافظة ريف دمشق استشهد خمسة مواطنين منهم اربعة إثر سقوط قذائف هاون على مدينة داريا ومواطن من بلدة التل خلال اشتباكات مع القوات النظامية".وفي محافطة دير الزور "استشهد مواطنان..."

جديد: "عناصر ايجابية" في اتفاق جنيف رغم غموض الخطة


جديد: البرادعى: مجازر سوريا مستمرة.. أين العروبة؟.. الأنظمة بكل مكان تتعرى أمام شعوبها - الأهرام

"الوفدالبرادعى: مجازر سوريا مستمرة.. أين العروبة؟.. الأنظمة بكل مكان تتعرى أمام شعوبهاالأهرامشن الدكتور محمد البرادعى المدير السابق للوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية هجوما عنيفا على الأمم المتحدة والنظم العربية والعالمية، على خلفية صمتها على المجازر التى يرتكبها نظام بشار الأسد بحق الشعب السورى. وقال البرادعى اليوم، فى تغريدة..."

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الانتفاضة والتاجر: اجتماع النظام أم انفراط العقد؟

"سواء اختلف المرء (كما أفعل شخصياً)، أو اتفق مع الصواب السياسي والأخلاقي وراء استهداف قناة "الإخبارية" ـ التي تظلّ هدفاً مدنياً، أياً كانت الأدوار الأمنية أو الإعلامية القذرة التي لعبها وسيلعبها بعض العاملين فيها ـ فإنّ الواقعة كشفت اقتراب الأخطار من دوائر النظام المباشرة، ومن رموزه "السيادية" إذا جاز القول. وهي أسقطت أسطورة..."