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June 28, 2012


new: Where Washington meets Moscow in a peace of Syria | Simon Tisdall

Where Washington meets Moscow in a peace of Syria | Simon Tisdall

"This weekend we will see whether the US and Russia can find common ground in a post-Assad DamascusMonths of futile diplomatic tussling, UN deadlock, and angry finger-pointing over Syria have now boiled down to this: a dramatic, last-ditch effort this weekend to cut a deal between the US and..."

Turkey deploys artillery to the Syrian border – video

Hamas says the Mossad killed its senior figure

Russia 'would support a Syrian national unity cabinet'

Turkey learns who its real friends are – so much for 'strategic realignment' | Simon Tisdall


Strong explosion rocks Syria's capital

"A strong explosion has rocked the Syrian capital Damascus, sending black smoke billowing into the sky.Related StoriesUK ready to take on Israel over fate of children clapped in ironsRebels launch brazen attack on Syrian capitalAssad talks of a 'state of war' as rebels attackThree killed in..."

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new: NATO vows no action on Syria pending political fix

NATO vows no action on Syria pending political fix

"A top NATO general on Thursday said the alliance would take no military action in either Syria or Iran until all political means to find a solution were exhausted.The comment by General Knud Bartels, chairman of NATO's Military Committee, comes almost a week after Syria downed a military jet..."

SYRIA: Explosion strikes near high court in Damascus

SYRIA: Annan proposes transitional government for Syria

SYRIA: Gunmen launch deadly attack on Syrian TV station

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new: Hamas says militant assassinated in Syria, blames Israel

"JERUSALEM — Hamas said Thursday that one of its operatives had been killed in the Syrian capital, and some officials of the militant group alleged that Israel was behind the slaying. Israeli officials suggested, however, that the killing of Kamal Ghanaja was linked to the rift between Syria..."


Contact Group To Focus On Syrian Political Transition

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has confirmed she will attend Saturday's meeting in Geneva of a new contact group on Syria. The meeting is aimed at halting the violence and facilitating a political transition in Damascus. Clinton's decision to attend came after Iran was dropped from the..."

In A Syrian Souk, Support For The Regime Falters

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Russia Favors Syrian Solution to Political Crisis

Russia Favors Syrian Solution to Political Crisis

"Russia says Syria needs a period of political transition but has rejected calls for President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power in a possible formation of a unity government. Meanwhile, there has been a powerful explosion near the country's main court in Damascus. Thursday's developments..."

US Condemns Attack on Pro-Assad Syrian TV Station

World Leaders to Meet on Syria Crisis

Heightened Tensions Raise Stakes for Turkey, Syria


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new: Turkish military convoys head for Syrian border

"ISKENDERUN, Turkey (Reuters) - Turkish troops and military vehicles deployed towards the border with Syria on Thursday as a precaution after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan gave orders to react to any Syrian threat approaching the frontier. Erdogan, who has given shelter in the border area to..."

new: Annan calls for Syria interim government: diplomats

new: Hamas member killed in Syria, Mossad suspected

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new: Turkey Deploys Antiaircraft Units Along Syrian Border - New York Times

"Globe and MailTurkey Deploys Antiaircraft Units Along Syrian BorderNew York TimesRegional tensions surrounding the crisis in Syria ticked higher on Thursday as Turkey said it was stationing antiaircraft batteries on their common border.Huge explosion rips through main Syrian courthouse in DamascusNational..."

new: EIN News' Syria News Website Now a Free Service - MarketWatch (press release)

new: UN: Human Rights Violations in Syria Escalating - Voice of America

Hamas militant killed in Syria - CNN International

Serious Talk Time on Syria - Middle East Online

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Has Russia Flipped? Clinton Says “Yes”

"Hillary Clinton says that Russia is ready to turn on Assad in what is a potential “turning point” in the conflict. This is the third or fourth time she has insisted that Russia is prepared to discuss a post-Assad Syria and the modalities of regime-change. In the past, these announcements..."

“We are in a State of Real War,” Assad Says; Republican Guard Attacked in Damascus


جديد: قوات تركية تتدفق إلى الحدود مع سوريا - سي ان ان العربية

"سي ان ان العربيةقوات تركية تتدفق إلى الحدود مع سورياسي ان ان العربيةالأكثر تصفحاً FBI يحقق في حرائق كولورادو وأوباما يتفقد المنطقة صحف: سيناريو رحيل الأسد..مبارك "تعرض للتعذيب" أمريكا: قانون لمنع بيع حاسوب سامسونغ اللوحي العراق: مقتل وإصابة 27 شخصاً بأعمال عنف في بغداد إيران: لا يمكن إغفال نفوذنا في الشرق الأوسط.FBI يحقق في..."

جديد: حماس تقول ان احد كوادرها قتل بمنزله في دمشق - رويترز العربية

جديد: الامم المتحدة ترفع توقعاتها للاجئين السوريين إلى 185 ألفا - رويترز العربية

تفجيران في مرآب القصر العدلي في وسط دمشق - AFP