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June 23, 2012


new: Ankara vows to take 'necessary action' after Syria shoots down Turkish jet

Ankara vows to take 'necessary action' after Syria shoots down Turkish jet

"Syria claims Turkish F-4 aircraft was flying over Syrian territory when it was brought downTurkey's leaders have warned that they will take "necessary" action in response to the shooting down of one of its warplanes by Syria.Turkey's president, Abdullah Gül, said Turkish and Syrian forces..."

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Turkish jet crashes amid claims it was shot down by Syria

On the porous border with Turkey, smugglers keep Syria's uprising alive

Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army


new: Turkey pledges "necessary" action over downed plane

"Turkey's president has said his country will take "necessary" but unspecified action against Syria, a day after Damascus said it had brought down a Turkish military plane that had entered its airspace.Related StoriesTurkish PM says unclear if Syria downed warplaneLimbless man swims Red SeaTurkey..."

new: Israel bombs Hamas targets in Gaza as truce unravels

Tensions rise as Syria admits it shot down Turkish fighter jet

Turkey searches for missing jet 'shot down by Syrian forces'

Limbless man swims Red Sea

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new: TURKEY - SYRIA: Downed Turkish jet 'may have violated' Syria airspace

TURKEY - SYRIA: Downed Turkish jet 'may have violated' Syria airspace

new: At least seven civilians killed across Syria: NGO

"At least seven civilians were killed by troops across Syria on Saturday, as the army cracked down on rebel strongholds, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.In the central province of Homs, two civilians were killed by gunfire and shelling in the rebel stronghold of Qusayr, and a third..."

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Turkey says it will take ‘steps’ after determining that Syria shot down missing jet

"BEIRUT — Turkey vowed to take “necessary steps” after concluding that Syria shot down a Turkish fighter jet near the Syrian border on Friday, sending tensions soaring in the already fraught region. In a terse statement issued after an emergency security meeting called by Prime Minister..."

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new: Turkey Pledges to Take the 'Necessary Steps' After Syria Downs Turkish Jet

Turkey Pledges to Take the 'Necessary Steps' After Syria Downs Turkish Jet

"Turkey has promised to take the "necessary steps" in response to Syria's admission that it downed a Turkish air force jet that had flown into Syrian airspace. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement after an emergency security meeting in Ankara, saying a decisive response..."

Annan: Syria Crisis Must Not Spiral Out Of Control

Russia Flexes Diplomatic Muscle on Syria


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new: Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army -

"gulfnews.comSaudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel armygulfnews.comBeirut: Saudi officials are preparing to pay the salaries of the Free Syria Army as a means of encouraging mass defections from the military and increasing ...Saudi Arabia and Qatar bankroll Syrian rebels?RTSyria's opposition..."

new: Turkish president says downed jet may have accidentally entered ... - Montreal Gazette

Christians trapped in Syria - Lansing State Journal

The UN fiddles while Syria burns - Toronto Sun

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Rebels Massacre 25 “Shabiha;” An Assad Taken; High Level Military to Defect; Turkish Fighter Shot Down

"According to reports from people who recently left Syria, moral among even high Syrian officials is down. They openly criticize Assad and talk about his mistakes and being unable to help someone who cannot help himself. CBS News: Syrian gov’t: Rebels massacre dozens of “shabiha”..."

Will the Syria Opposition Unify? Does it Need to?

UN in Catch 22 in Syria

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جديد: انقرة تتحدث عن امكان ان تكون الطائرة انتهكت المجال الجوي السوري

انقرة تتحدث عن امكان ان تكون الطائرة انتهكت المجال الجوي السوري

"انقرة (ا ف ب) - اعلن الرئيس التركي عبد الله غول السبت ان الطائرة التركية التي اسقطتها سوريا انتهكت على ما يبدو لفترة قصيرة المجال الجوي السوري بسبب سرعتها الكبيرة.ونقلت وكالة انباء الاناضول عن غول قوله "عندما تفكرون في سرعة الطائرات لدى تحليقها فوق البحر، فمن الطبيعي ان تمر وتكرر المرور فوق الحدود فترة قصيرة من الوقت". واضاف ان..."


مصدر حكومى: الأردن لن يسلم الطيار السورى اللاجئ إلى بلاده - اليوم السابع

"اليوم السابعمصدر حكومى: الأردن لن يسلم الطيار السورى اللاجئ إلى بلادهاليوم السابعقال مصدر حكومى أردنى، إن قضية قبول وضع اللجوء السياسى للطيار السورى الذى فر بطائرته الحربية إلى المملكة أول أمس، الخميس، بات منتهياً بالنسبة للأردن، مشيراً إلى أن الأردن لن يسلم الطيار إلى سوريا. وأكد المصدر فى تصريح لصحيفة "الغد" الأردنية..."

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السوق الطائفية بعد المجزرة: ماذا تبقى من تماسك "قيادة النظام"؟

"حكاية "السوق السنية"، كما وصفتها مؤخراً وكالة أنباء رويترز (وليس أية جهة إعلامية تابعة لأيّ من قوى الانتفاضة السورية)، تنطوي على جوانب كثيرة جديرة بالتأمل، بينها جانب خاص يتجاوز العناصر المعتادة، التي تصف انفلات سلوك الشبيحة من كلّ عقال، أو إسقاط التحريم عن مفردة "غنائم"، أو تفاقم الهوّة الطائفية، أو عجز اقتصاد الاستبداد عن..."