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June 20, 2012


new: Egypt: Mubarak 'improves' as crisis worsens - live updates

Egypt: Mubarak 'improves' as crisis worsens - live updates

"• Hosni Mubarak reported to be off life support• Shafiq and Morsi both claim victory ahead of poll result• Muslim Brotherhood protests against military power grab• Read the latest summary4.47pm: Syria: US secretary of state Hillary Clinton will have talks in Russia next week with foreign..."

new: Britain urged to ban royal head of Bahrain Olympic committee

Russian arms shipment bound for Syria foiled by Britain's insurers


new: Tensions between UK and Russia soared over Syria-bound helicopters

"Britain came alarmingly close to a dangerous clash with Moscow when David Cameron was asked to consider giving an order to forcibly board a ship headed towards the English Channel carrying three Russian-made helicopters for delivery to the regime in Syria, it emerged tonight.Related StoriesCameron..."

Alice Walker refuses to allow Israelis to publish edition of Color Purple

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner confronts David Cameron over Falklands

Mareeh bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri executed for 'witchcraft' in Saudi Arabia

William Hague halts ship carrying Russian helicopters to Syrian forces

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new: Red Cross trying to evacuate civilians from Homs

Red Cross trying to evacuate civilians from Homs

"The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Wednesday it was trying to evacuate civilians stranded in and around Homs amid fighting in the central Syrian city."Our first priority, together with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, is to evacuate the wounded and the sick to safer areas,..."


Russian Ship Carting Helicopters To Syria Turns Back

"A Russian ship carrying attack helicopters to Syria has turned back to Russia. The ship's insurer lifted its coverage when it learned it was carrying arms. The Pentagon says supplying Syria with arms that could be used against civilians would be "intolerable."» E-Mail This    ..."

voice of america

Activist Fears Syria Will Become 'New Somalia'

Activist Fears Syria Will Become 'New Somalia'

"Syrian rights activists say violence across the country Wednesday has killed at least 53 people, after the head of a United Nations monitoring mission says his team is committed to staying in the war-torn country. Rami Abdelrahman, the head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human..."

UN Syria Chief: Violence Impeded Mission’s Work

Reporter's Notebook: Egypt Returns to Tahrir

UN Members Differ on Conditions for Withdrawing Syria Observers


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new: UN monitors 'morally obliged' to stay in Syria

"UNITED NATIONS, (AFP) - Russia resisted Western pleas to help remove Syria's President Bashar Assad from power despite escalating hostilities that have battered a UN peace mission. "We believe that nobody has the right to decide for other nations who should be in power and who should not,"..."

new: FSA to Syrian Kurds: We want you

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new: Activist Fears Syria Will Become 'New Somalia' - Voice of America

"Voice of AmericaActivist Fears Syria Will Become 'New Somalia'Voice of AmericaBritain-based rights group reports at least 53 people killed Wednesday, including soldiers and civilians.'Morally obliged'UN monitorsto remain in SyriaOttawa CitizenUN observers 'committed to completing..."

new: UN Syria monitors to stay - Khaleej Times

new: Clashes erupt in northwest Syria; activists report heavy regime ... - Montreal Gazette

new: British official: 'Arms' ship headed for Syria appears to have turned ... - Montreal Gazette

Violence escalates in Syria - The Sudbury Star

US Adds Syria to List of Nations Failing to Combat Human Trafficking - New York Times

Neighbors / Intervene before 'Iraqization' of Syria - Haaretz

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new: UN in Catch 22 in Syria

"Everyone is taking pot shots at the UN for their ambiguous stand on Syria. It is unfair. The international community has placed the UN in a classic catch 22. They are damned if they stay in Syria and damned if they leave. If they stay, they are accused of accomplishing nothing. They haven’t..."

Ajami’s Syria Rebellion; Homs Bombed


جديد: الصليب الأحمر: موافقة على وقف القتال في حمص لإجلاء مدنيين - رويترز العربية

"القدسالصليب الأحمر: موافقة على وقف القتال في حمص لإجلاء مدنيينرويترز العربيةجنيف (رويترز) - قالت اللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر يوم الأربعاء إنها تعد لإجلاء مصابين ومدنيين محاصرين من مدينة حمص السورية بعد أن وافق جانبا الصراع على طلبها وقف القتال مؤقتا. وأضافت أنها تقدمت بطلبها يوم الثلاثاء للسلطات السورية وجماعات المعارضة..."

46 قتيلا في سوريا اليوم بينهم 29 من القوات النظامية واستمرار القصف على حمص وريف دمشق - AFP

صبحي حديدي

بئر النفط وبركة الدم

"على امتداد القرن الماضي، ومنذ انقلاب النفط إلى معادلة كبرى تتجاوز أمن الطاقة إلى الأمن القومي للقوى العظمى بصفة خاصة، استقرّ تعبير "النفط والدم" في القاموس السياسي الكوني، كما في الاستقبال الدلالي الشعبي العريض، بوصفه منتهى الذرائعية. هو، كذلك، أحد أقصى تطبيقات السياسة الواقعية، أو الـ Realpolitik حسب التعبير الشهير الذي صاغه الكاتب..."