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June 14, 2012


Middle East: the Syrian cockpit | Editorial

"What unites most outside powers is the desire to avoid an outcome where their national interests are compromisedAll the major powers have committed themselves to the principle of non-intervention in Syria, yet everyone knows that they are all, to one extent or another, violating that principle..."

The road to Damascus may well run through Moscow | Timothy Garton Ash

The road to Damascus may well run through Moscow | Timothy Garton Ash

US says Russian-made weapons are killing Syrians on 'an hourly basis'

Arab women fight to keep gains won on the street

Who do you believe on whether Russia is sending attack helicopters to Syria? | Poll


new: Gaza flotilla raid comes back to haunt Benjamin Netanyahu

"The Israeli decision-making process before the raid which led to nine Turkish deaths at sea aboard the Gaza-bound vessel Mavi Marmara in May 2010 had "essential and significant flaws", a government report has found.Related Stories66 dead in Iraq car bombings targetting Shiite pilgrimageIran..."

Moscow returns fire by accusing US of arming Syria's rebel forces

Iraq hit by worst day of violence since withdrawal of US troops

Gaza flotilla raid comes back to haunt Netanyahu

france 24

SYRIA: French FM calls for UN to enforce Annan plan in Syria

SYRIA: French FM calls for UN to enforce Annan plan in Syria

France says Annan Syria plan should be 'obligatory'

"France plans to ask the United Nations Security Council to make UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan's Syria ceasefire plan mandatory, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Wednesday.Fabius called on fellow Security Council members to "take recourse to Chapter Seven (of the UN charter) to make the..."


U.S., Russia Accused Of Arming Opposite Syrian Sides

Reporting From A Rapidly-Deteriorating Syria

"NPR's Deborah Amos followed a team of U.N. observers in Syria in June before returning to Damascus, and has been reporting on the latest developments in the region. NPR's Neal Conan speaks with Amos about her experiences reporting from Damascus and what she's seen on the ground.» E-Mail..."

Russia Says It's The U.S. That's Sending Weapons To Syria

voice of america

Russia Defends Arms Sale to Syria, Blasts US

"Russia on Wednesday defended its sale of arms to Syria and stepped up the rhetoric by accusing the United States of providing weapons to the Syrian rebels. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Moscow that Russia is supplying "anti-air defense systems" to Damascus in a deal that "in no..."


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new: Iran's dreams for influence stymied in Egypt

"CAIRO (AP) — Iran once saw the Arab Spring uprisings as a prime opportunity, hoping it would open the door for it to spread its influence in countries whose autocratic leaders long shunned Tehran's ruling clerics. But it is finding the new order no more welcoming. Egypt is a prime example. Egypt..."

Egypt Christians rally behind rival of Islamists

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new: UN monitors find Syria's Haffeh battered, deserted - Reuters

"Independent OnlineUN monitors find Syria's Haffeh battered, desertedReutersHAFFEH, Syria (Reuters) - A United Nations convoy arrived in the Syrian town of Haffeh on Thursday to find it almost deserted, with burnt down state buildings, abandoned shops and a corpse in the street, a Reuters..."

Damascus dissent brings uprising to Assad's gate - National Post

Amnesty accuses Syria of terrorizing its citizens - Toronto Star

Analysis: Syria firestorm proving too fierce for Annan's cooling touch - Reuters

Red Cross says 3 aid workers in Syria suffer minor injuries as explosion hits ... - Winnipeg Free Press

France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says that Syria is in civil war - 680 News

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SNC Gets New Leader; Insurgency Grows; Foreign Jihadists Flock to Syria; Some Claim Houla Dead are Alawis

"Syrian Forces Shell Cities as Opposition Picks Leader Associated Press By NEIL MacFARQUHAR, June 10, 2012, NYTimes ISTANBUL — Syrian government forces shelled rebel strongholds across the country on Sunday, opponents of the government said, while the main opposition group in exile, the Syrian..."


الأسد بحث وجبريل في "المستجدات الفلسطينية"

"بحث الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد أمس مع الأمين العام لـ"الجبهة الشعبية - القيادة العامة لتحرير فلسطين" أحمد جبريل في المستجدات في الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة.وأفادت الوكالة العربية السورية للأنباء "سانا" ان الأسد استقبل جبريل والوفد المرافق له وأن الحديث خلال اللقاء تناول "مستجدات الأوضاع في الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة والتجاوزات..."

في الصحافة العالميّة

لافروف: الأسلحة إلى سوريا لا تنتهك القانون الدولي دمشق ترفض توصيف الحرب الأهلية وتُعلن "تطهير" الحفة

شحنات أسلحة حديثة ووقف النار الهشّ هيأت المعارضة السورية لتصعيد القتال

إسرائيل "تتابع عن كثب" الأسلحة الكيميائية في سوريا


جديد: المنتخب الأردني يحقق فوزا كبيرا على اليمن في بطولة غرب آسيا لكرة السلة - شبكة معنا الترفيهية | اخبار

"بال سبورتالمنتخب الأردني يحقق فوزا كبيرا على اليمن في بطولة غرب آسيا لكرة السلةشبكة معنا الترفيهية | اخباروسيطر الفريق الأردنى على مجريات اللقاء ليحقق الفوز الثالث على التوالي في البطولة حيث سبق وان تغلب على منتخبي فلسطين وسوريا. ويلتقي المنتخب الأردنى مساء يوم غد في الصالة نفسها مع منتخب لبنان الذي فاز على ايران. يشار الى..."

صبحي حديدي

كافكا في ريف دمشق

"في مثل هذه الأيام، ولكن قبل خمس سنوات، نشر الشاعر اللبناني الصديق بسام حجار (1955 ـ 2009) مقالة في صحيفة "المستقبل" اللبنانية، كانت سياسية (على غير عاداته الكتابية عموماً)، حملت العنوان اللافت "كافكا في ريف دمشق". والراحل وزّع أفكار المقالة على عشرة مقاطع مرقّمة، تنتهج روحية التعليق، الساخر الأسود تارة أو المضحك المبكي طوراً، على..."