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June 4, 2012


Assad compares Syria crackdown to surgeons saving patients' lives

Assad compares Syria crackdown to surgeons saving patients' lives

"Syrian president denied responsibility for the Houla massacre in his first public address for five monthsSyria's president, Bashar al-Assad, defended his government's bloody crackdown on dissent, comparing his security forces – who have been repeatedly accused of torture and mass killing..."

Bashar al-Assad: Syrian regime not to blame for Houla massacre


new: Assad claims he is a 'surgeon' trying to save a patient

"Syria's President Bashar al-Assad yesterday confronted critics of the bloodshed caused by the ferocious crackdown on opponents of his regime by comparing himself to a surgeon amputating limbs to save a patient. Related StoriesTwo dead after Gaza militant launches attack on Israeli troopsJoumana..."

Assad defends government and blames rivals for bloodshed

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Lebanon army restores calm after Syria-linked clashes

Lebanon army restores calm after Syria-linked clashes

"Lebanese soldiers and security forces entered areas of the northern city of Tripoli on Sunday to restore calm after deadly clashes between pro- and anti-Syrian regime gunmen, a security official said."Security forces and the army entered the Bab al-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen districts... where..."

SYRIA: Assad blames unrest on foreign plot in TV speech

LEBANON: Troops deploy in wake of pro- and anti-Assad clashes

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Clinton: Russia Needs to Back Syrian Transition to Remove Assad

Clinton: Russia Needs to Back Syrian Transition to Remove Assad

"STOCKHOLM - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is urging Russia to help start a political transition in Syria, the outcome of which she says will be President Bashar al-Assad's ouster.     When Secretary Clinton spoke Friday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, she says..."


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Lebanese army deploys in Tripoli after 13 killed

"TRIPOLI, Lebanon, (Reuters) - Lebanese troops deployed in the northern city of Tripoli early on Sunday after fierce clashes between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in which 13 people were killed, local medics and security sources said. Residents said relative calm..."

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new: U.N. vote denounces Syria -

"The Daily StarU.N. vote denounces SyriaSouthCoastToday.comBy ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY AP BEIRUT — The UN's top human rights body voted overwhelmingly Friday to condemn Syria over the slaughter of more than 100 civilians last week, but Damascus appeared impervious to the crescendo of global..."

new: When Syria sneezes Lebanon gets the flu - The Daily Star

new: Stopping Syria's chemical weapons from spreading - Jerusalem Post

UN chief calls for broad global talks on Syria crisis - AFP

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Stay Out of Syria

"The US, Europe and the Gulf states want regime change in Syria so they are starving the regime and feeding the opposition. They have sanctioned Syria to a fare-thee-well and are busy shoveling money and arms to the rebels. This will change the balance of power in favor of the revolution. Crudely..."

The West Worries about Civil War in Syria and Blames Russia


جديد: السعودية تتهم دمشق بالمناورة والمماطلة - الخليج

"روسيا اليومالسعودية تتهم دمشق بالمناورة والمماطلةالخليجاتهم وزير الخارجية السعودي الأمير سعود الفيصل أمس، النظام السوري بأنه “يناور ويماطل” حيال خطة الموفد الدولي والعربي إلى سوريا كوفي عنان بهدف “كسب الوقت” . وقال الفيصل خلال مؤتمر صحافي مشترك مع أمين عام الأمم المتحدة بان كي مون على هامش مؤتمر في جدة حول الإرهاب، “قبل..."

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جديد: سمير قصير و"شقيقة الدهر"

"بين أن أعلّق على خطاب بشار الأسد، يوم أمس، أمام ما يُسمّى "مجلس الشعب"؛ واستذكار صديقي الشهيد، الكاتب والمؤرّخ والصحافي سمير قصير (1960 ـ 2005)، الذي مرّت ذكرى اغتياله السابعة يوم أمس أيضاً؛ لم أتردد البتة: ثمة الكثير من اللغو، والرقص اللفظي على عذابات السوريين، وإضافة الإهانة على جراحهم، وإيهام الذات والأتباع بأنّ المصير المحتوم..."

معادلات "حزب الله": هل الضرورات تبيح أقصى المحظورات؟