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June 3, 2012


Houla massacre: who decides what is too shocking to print?

Houla massacre: who decides what is too shocking to print?

"Don McCullin believed the full horrors of war should be exposed, as a timely film on the photographer revealsA baby girl with half her skull hacked away; a young boy "with the back of his head lopped like a boiled egg"; a pretty girl with, "above her right eye, a large bloody bullet hole surrounded..."

Assad's furry friend

I saw massacre of children, says defecting Syrian air force officer

Violence breaks out in Lebanon amid fears that Syria conflict is spreading

france 24

LEBANON: Pro- and anti-Syrian groups clash in Lebanon

LEBANON: Pro- and anti-Syrian groups clash in Lebanon

Arabs urge UN action amid fears of civil war

"Arab leaders called for UN action on Saturday as at least 27 people were killed in Syria amid growing concern that Kofi Annan's peace plan is failing and the country descending into all-out civil war.Annan himself warned of sectarian warfare, singling out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and..."

SYRIA: Kofi Annan warns of ‘all-out war’ in Syria


U.S. Seeks Russian Help In Syrian Conflict

Should The West Intervene In Syria?

"With violence escalating and journalists barred from the country, it's becoming harder to know how far and fast Syria is slipping into chaos. Host Guy Raz speaks with Paul Wood, world affairs correspondent for the BBC and one of few western journalists to have visited in the country in recent..."

A Case For Military Intervention In Syria

As Killings Continue In Syria, A Look At UN's Role

voice of america

Annan Warns of Looming War in Syria

Annan Warns of Looming War in Syria

"Arab League leaders are trying to increase the pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while their envoy to Syria warned "the specter of all-out war" in Syria grows by the day. Arab League members met Saturday in Doha for an emergency session with United Nations and Arab League envoy..."

Assad Supporters, Opponents Clash in Lebanon


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U.S. publishes satellite images of Syria

"WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - A U.S. government website on Friday published what it said was photographic evidence of mass graves and attacks on civilian areas by Syrian government forces. The website, operated by a bureau of the State Department, published a series of overhead photos, said to be..."

Clashes kill four, injure 25 in north Lebanon

Annan frustrated over Syria, Russia gives no ground

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new: Ambassador to Syria keeps profile low in Bolton Hill - Baltimore Sun

"Ambassador to Syria keeps profile low in Bolton HillBaltimore SunBy John Fritze, The Baltimore Sun When the violence in Syria began spinning out of control last year, the Obama administration made the unusual decision to bring its ambassador to the troubled country home. And for Ambassador..."

Annan talks tough to Syria's Assad - Montreal Gazette

Clashes between Syrian groups leave 8 dead in Lebanon - Globe and Mail

At least 19 killed in fresh Syria clashes: NGO - AFP

Hezbollah chief calls for release of Lebanese hostages in Syria - Los Angeles Times

UN agency to condemn Syria -

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Stay Out of Syria

"The US, Europe and the Gulf states want regime change in Syria so they are starving the regime and feeding the opposition. They have sanctioned Syria to a fare-thee-well and are busy shoveling money and arms to the rebels. This will change the balance of power in favor of the revolution. Crudely..."

The West Worries about Civil War in Syria and Blames Russia

فرانس 24

العرب يطالبون مجلس الامن بتطبيق خطة انان تحت الفصل السابع و38 قتيلا في سوريا

العرب يطالبون مجلس الامن بتطبيق خطة انان تحت الفصل السابع و38 قتيلا في سوريا

"دمشق (ا ف ب) - طالب المجلس الوزاري للجامعة العربية السبت مجلس الامن بتطبيق خطة كوفي انان عبر اللجوء الى الفصل السابع من ميثاق الامم المتحدة، من دون الاشارة الى عمل عسكري، فيما تواصلت العمليات الامنية والاشتباكات مع المنشقين في مناطق سورية عدة ما اسفر عن 38 قتيلا بينهم 15 مدنيا.في المقابل، اتهم الجنرال يحيى رحيم صفوي القائد السابق..."


جديد: «الوزاري» العربي يطالب بتطبيق خطة عنان تحت الفصل السابع - عكاظ

"عكاظ«الوزاري» العربي يطالب بتطبيق خطة عنان تحت الفصل السابععكاظطالب المجلس الوزاري لجامعة الدول العربية في ختام اجتماعه في الدوحة أمس مجلس الأمن الدولي بتحمل مسئولياته واتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة لضمان التطبيق الكامل والفوري لخطة مبعوث الجامعة والأمم المتحدة كوفي عنان في إطار زمني محدد، بما في ذلك فرض تطبيقها عبر اللجوء إلى..."

10 قتلى و20 جريحاً في إطلاق للنار شمال لبنان - صحيفة الوسط البحرينية

قصف على حمص واشتباكات في ريف دمشق وإطلاق نار من مروحيات في اللاذقية - المستقبل - لبنان

صبحي حديدي

معادلات "حزب الله": هل الضرورات تبيح أقصى المحظورات؟

"لعلّ تدخّل حسن نصر الله، الأمين العام لـ"حزب الله"، على مستوى شخصي مباشر، في حادثة اختطاف اللبنانيين في سورية، كان الكاشف الأبرز، فضلاً عن أنه الأحدث، لما يعانيه الحزب من معضلات جسيمة في صياغة موقف متماسك، ضمن الحدود الدنيا، إزاء الانتفاضة السورية، والعلاقة مع النظام السوري استطراداً. وكانت الفقرات المسهبة التي خصصها نصر الله..."