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June 1, 2012


new: William Hague: we cannot rule out military action on Syria

William Hague: we cannot rule out military action on Syria

"Foreign secretary tells Today programme that if the Annan plan were to fail, Britain would have to look at all optionsThe situation in Syria is "now so grave, so serious and so rapidly deteriorating" that no option for future international action can be ruled out, William Hague warned as he..."

Why Mitt Romney's sabre-rattling on Syria signifies nothing | Heather Hurlburt

Ghosts of Syria: diehard militias who kill in the name of Assad

Iran nuclear talks succeed just by continuing | Daniel Levy


new: It will be your fault if civil war breaks out in Syria, Hillary Clinton tells Russia

"Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, told Russia yesterday it will be responsible for unleashing a full-blown civil war in Syria unless it changes course and sides with Washington and other Western powers in pushing for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and facilitate a political..."

Israel returns remains of Palestinians in bid to 'get peace process back on track'

It will be your fault if civil war breaks out in Syria, Clinton tells Russia

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Outrage over Houla Massacre: Merkel and Hollande to Challenge Russia over Syria

Outrage over Houla Massacre: Merkel and Hollande to Challenge Russia over Syria

"Vladimir Putin was hoping to address mainly economic issues when he visits Berlin and Paris on Friday. But the recent massacre in Houla will give the ongoing Syrian conflict a prominent place on the agenda. Russia's president continues to resist efforts to counter the Assad regime, but the..."

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European voices go silent on Syria

"BERLIN — Last year, persistent calls from Europe led NATO into military action in Libya. Those passionate voices have been silent on Syria. France and Germany are expected to push Russian President Vladimir Putin to agree to tougher measures against Syria when he visits Paris and Berlin on..."

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Clinton: Russian Stalling Could Push Syria into Civil War

Clinton: Russian Stalling Could Push Syria into Civil War

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Russia's failure to take decisive action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "is going to help contribute" to the very civil war officials in Moscow say they are helping to avoid. Speaking in Denmark Thursday, Clinton said she rejects the..."

Is Syria’s Bashar al-Assad Guilty of War Crimes?

US Slams Russia, Warns of Promoting Civil War in Syria

Mounting Syrian Death Toll Prompts Intervention Calls in US

Pro-Assad Militias Under Scrutiny After Syrian Massacre


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new: Putin heads to Berlin as Syria crisis escalates - AFP

"AFPPutin heads to Berlin as Syria crisis escalatesAFPBERLIN — Germany on Friday urged Russia to curb its support for Damascus, ahead of President Vladimir Putin's visit to Berlin and Paris that is set to be dominated by the escalating Syria crisis. "In our view Russia should recognise..."

new: New Syria 'mass killing' reported ahead of UN meeting - BBC News

No military action in Syria without UN, Leon Panetta says - Los Angeles Times

US envoy slams 'reprehensible' Russia arms sales to Syria - AFP

For Obama and Romney, Syria is no-win situation - The Daily Star

Matt Gurney: US sending mixed signals on possible attack on Syria - National Post

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News on Houla Massacre

"Few Good Options Remain To End Syrian Attacks – May 29, 2012 Talk of the Nation Guests: Rami Khouri, editor-at-large, Daily Star Joshua Landis, director, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Oklahoma The U.S. joined Britain, Germany, and other Western countries in expelling senior..."


جديد: بانيتا: إطالة الأزمة السورية ستشجع الدول الإقليمية على التدخل - محيط

"محيطبانيتا: إطالة الأزمة السورية ستشجع الدول الإقليمية على التدخلمحيطقال وزير الدفاع الأمريكي ليون بانيتا إن القوات المسلحة الأمريكية على أهبة الاستعداد لتنفيذ عمليات ضد سوريا عند الضرورة. مشيرا إلى أن المسئولين الأمريكيين ما زالوا يفضلون ممارسة ضغوط دولية قوية لإجبار الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد على التنحي. ونقل راديو هيئة..."

جديد: توافد الجماهيرعلى صنعاء لتأييد ثوار سوريا - محيط

جديد: مجلس حقوق الانسان يدعو لتحقيق شامل في مذبحة الحولة السورية - رويترز العربية

الغرب يقول سوريا على حافة حرب أهلية طائفية - رويترز العربية

صبحي حديدي

جديد: معادلات "حزب الله": هل الضرورات تبيح أقصى المحظورات؟

"لعلّ تدخّل حسن نصر الله، الأمين العام لـ"حزب الله"، على مستوى شخصي مباشر، في حادثة اختطاف اللبنانيين في سورية، كان الكاشف الأبرز، فضلاً عن أنه الأحدث، لما يعانيه الحزب من معضلات جسيمة في صياغة موقف متماسك، ضمن الحدود الدنيا، إزاء الانتفاضة السورية، والعلاقة مع النظام السوري استطراداً. وكانت الفقرات المسهبة التي خصصها نصر الله..."