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May 9, 2012


new: Six Syrian soldiers injured in blast near UN observer mission convoy

Six Syrian soldiers injured in blast near UN observer mission convoy

"Roadside explosion in southern city of Daraa happens 100m behind convoy carrying head of UN observer missionA roadside bomb struck a Syrian military truck on Wednesday, wounding six soldiers seconds after a convoy carrying the head of the UN observer mission passed.The blast – which came..."

Kofi Annan: Syria could descend into civil war – video


Cracks appear in new Israeli set-up over ultra-Orthodox military service

"The first rifts in Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's expanded coalition have emerged just a day after its creation with religious and secular parties exchanging threats over draft exemptions for ultra-Orthodox Jews. Related StoriesBahrain: Activists forced to sign confessions, court..."

Rebel chief Riad al-Asaad 'threatens new Syria attacks'

Rebel chief 'threatens new Syria attacks'

Rivals back Benjamin Netanyahu in deal that could mandate strike on Iran

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new: UN chides blast as 'violence Syrians do not need'

UN chides blast as 'violence Syrians do not need'

"A blast that hit troops escorting UN observers in Syria's south on Wednesday was "a graphic example of violence that the Syrian people do not need," said UN observer chief Major General Robert Mood.The incident in the southern city of Daraa came a day after UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan warned..."

new: SYRIA: Explosion lands near UN convoy in Syria

SYRIA: Peace plan 'last chance' to avoid civil war, Annan says


Annan Gives Bleak Assessment Of Syrian Ceasefire

"Special envoy Kofi Annan says unacceptable levels of violence and abuse are continuing in Syria. He said military activities have declined somewhat but the level of violence is still too high. Annan warned about the devastating repercussions if the fragile peace plan failed.» E-Mail This    ..."

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Blast Hits Syrian Military Escorting UN Monitors

Blast Hits Syrian Military Escorting UN Monitors

"A roadside blast wounded six Syrian soldiers as they escorted United Nations monitors toward the restive southern town of Dara'a. The explosion hit a military vehicle accompanying the U.N. convoy, blasting out its windows and injuring those inside. The head of the U.N. monitoring mission, General..."

Envoy: UN Monitors Helping to Calm Syrian Violence

Red Cross: Syria's Rebels Shifting to Guerrilla Tactics


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new: Obama on Syria is Different Than Obama on Iran - The Atlantic

"Obama on Syria is Different Than Obama on IranThe AtlanticBy Jeffrey Goldberg Jonathan Tobin writes in praise of my Bloomberg View column yesterday, in which I noted that the Obama Administration is rhetorically quite opposed to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's slaughter of his own citizens,..."

Exclusive: Syria buys grain via Lebanon to beat sanctions - Reuters

UN: Weapons being smuggled between Lebanon, Syria - Haaretz

West doubtful of UN Syria peace push, no 'Plan B' - The Citizen Daily


جديد: "الوطنى السورى" يتهم بشار بتدبير تفجير درعا - اليوم السابع

"اليوم السابع"الوطنى السورى" يتهم بشار بتدبير تفجير درعااليوم السابعاتهم المجلس الوطنى السورى المعارض نظام الرئيس بشار الأسد بتدبير تفجير درعا، الذى وقع صباح اليوم الأربعاء لدى مرور موكب للمراقبين الدوليين من ضمنهم رئيس الفريق الجنرال روبرت مود. واتهم عضو المكتب التنفيذى فى المجلس سمير نشار فى اتصال مع وكالة فرانس برس..."