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May 26, 2015

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new: UK and Russia to resume Syria talks

"David Cameron and Vladimir Putin spoke by phone on Monday and agreed to restart talks to seek solution to civil warDavid Cameron and Vladimir Putin have agreed to resume talks to find a solution to the civil war in Syria.The prime minister and the Russian president spoke on the phone for half..."

new: 2015 is 'year of fear' for children worldwide, warns Gordon Brown

new: Sydney mother allegedly abandoned her two children to join Isis in Syria

Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihadi girlfriend

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Australia to Pass Law to Strip Citizenship for Terror Crimes

Australia to Pass Law to Strip Citizenship for Terror Crimes

"Australia plans to pass a law within weeks to give the government power to strip citizenship from dual nationals who are suspected terrorists even if they are not convicted of a crime, the prime minister said Tuesday. More than 100 Australians are suspected to be fighting with the Islamic..."

Islamic State Advances Spark Crisis in Iraq, Syria


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new: Teenager in Austrian 'Playstation' terrorism case gets two years

"A 14-year-old boy from Austria who downloaded bomb-making plans onto his Playstation games console was sentenced to a two-year jail term on Tuesday after pleading guilty to terrorism charges, a court spokeswoman said. As well as researching how to build a bomb, the boy made contact with militants..."

IT chief at Bangladesh Coca-Cola unit arrested as Islamic State suspect

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new: UN agency urges truce in Syria fighting during harvesting - Yahoo! Maktoob News

"The Daily StarUN agency urges truce in Syria fighting during harvestingYahoo! Maktoob NewsROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A U.N. agency appealed on Tuesday for a pause in the fighting raging across Syria so that farmers can harvest their crops in a country wracked by hunger and displacement...."

new: MSU volunteers experience depths of Syria's civil war - Lansing State Journal

new: Charles Glass: When it comes to Syria, Obama's administration is in fantasy land - Evening Standard

Marco Rubio the hawk turned dovish on Syria in 2013 - Politico

Hezbollah seizes hills from al-Qaida on Syria border - Jerusalem Post Israel News

Homs in Syria is likely to be ISIS's next great temptation - Haaretz

Islamic State faces battle in Iraq, US reassures Abadi - Yahoo! Maktoob News

Sydney mother Jasmina Milovanov 'left children' to join IS fight in Syria: report - Sydney Morning Herald

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Syria in Limbo: Neither Reunification nor Partition Are Yet Possible

"By Vahik Soghom, BA. AUB, MA. Univ of St. Andrews, Humboldt Univ of Berlin Is Syria headed toward some form of partition? Recent developments in the conflict give credence to a number of fears that have been making the rounds for quite a while now. The long-accepted observation that the Syrian..."

Round-Up: Palmyra, Contingency Planning for Regime Losses, UN Response to Enslavement Crisis

زمان الوصل

جديد: نغم ترفض العودة عن استقالتها رغم اعتذار الخوجة

نغم ترفض العودة عن استقالتها رغم اعتذار الخوجة

"أكدت نائب رئيس الائتلاف "نغم الغادري" أنها لن تتراجع عن استقالتها التي أتت إثر "إزاحة" رئيس الائتلاف "خالد خوجة" علم الثورة أثناء لقائه "لؤي حسين" رغم أن الأول قدم اعتذاره عن "الإزاحة".وقالت "الغادري" إن "خوجة لم يتقصد الأمر، ولكن مجرد القبول بطرح لؤي حسين بإزاحة العلم أمر مرفوض، فإذا شاء لؤي حسين أن يحضر للحوار بشروطنا فأهلاً وسهلاً..."

جديد: خامس خمسة في تموز، ومتعهد جبهات حلب.. ما قد لا تعرفه عن ساجد الذي خسره حزب الله في القلمون

جديد: برميل النظام يعاجل الطفل غيث قبل استلام جلائه المدرسي

مليشيا حزب الله تنعى قياديا قتل في يوم مصرع أبيه القائد

جنبلاط يلتقي خدام.. أبو جمال صديق قديم